How To Trade Cryptocurrency: 2024 Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

how to trade crypto

In this approach, the trader holds a cryptocurrency position for a few days to several weeks to profit from medium-term price movements. Swing traders use technical analysis tools to identify trends in the market. Basically, analyse a coin or token’s upwards and downward trends,  aiming to capture a portion of a larger price move. A successful crypto trader is not just someone who knows how to trade crypto, but an individual equipped with a unique set of skills, especially in technical analysis. It involves interpreting market data and price charts to forecast future price movements.

how to trade crypto

Swing Trading:

Adhering to a specific technique reduces risk and makes managing trades simpler. First, determine the period (long or short term) and then consider whether to use technical/fundamental analysis or a mix of both. One of the most popular strategies for trading cryptocurrencies is fundamental analysis. While some investors rely on fundamental analysis, it's more commonly used in conjunction with another strategy to improve a trader's success rate. This is essential for crypto traders, who must keep their assets safe. Furthermore, ledger devices can do so whilst connecting to everything the blockchain has to offer via Ledger Live.

Understanding Crypto Market Cycles

EToro, Uphold and WeBull are among the best crypto brokerages on the market. All three of these options offer a simple user interface and a variety how to use nicehash to earn bitcoin of altcoins to choose from. You can trade the crypto you own or enter into futures, options, or contracts for differences (CFDs) agreements.

Position trading (HODL)

Scalping is a strategy where crypto traders make profits from small price changes, often entering and exiting positions within minutes. While you can hold traditional currency in a bank or financial institution, you store cryptocurrencies in a digital wallet. Banks insure money kept in bank accounts against loss, while crypto has no recourse in the event of a loss.

Recommended platforms for your first trades

This is done to spread risk and reduce exposure to any single asset or market sector. As we saw, each trading style has its own unique set of risks and rewards and requires different skills and strategies to succeed. Therefore, in exchange for simpler deposit and withdrawal options, you will have to pay a greater fee. In this section, we will discuss some of the most common crypto trading strategies.

The existence, role, and power of whales over the prices of digital assets has been one of the strongest arguments against the whole crypto ecosystem. The democratization of finance brought by decentralized crypto monies is severely diminished by whales. But, as the market capitalization of coins increases, the influence of whales should become less and less pronounced. Market cycle is a regularly occurring phenomenon and is included in the crypto trading strategy of experienced crypto traders. By creating false volumes, those exchanges try to display their liquidity and popularity and increase the price of (usually) some obscure tokens.

You can use it for purchases and other transactions that require cash. The government backs traditional currency, while cryptocurrency has no government, bank, or financial institution controls. After working out which technique to use, it's time to pick a platform.

Major risks of trading cryptocurrency are volatility, lack of regulation, and hacker attacks. Also, some professionals are versed in cryptocurrency and blockchain – crypto advisors. As we have said, many traders set the limit orders a little above the selling price or below the buying price of psychological threshold levels (round numbers). That happens as a result of the fixation on round-number price levels by some investors. Resistance occurs when an uptrend is expected to pause due to a concentration of supply. In technical analysis, it is a price level that a rising stock cannot seem to overcome.

  1. Understanding the tools and indicators whales favor is crucial to developing a successful cryptocurrency trading strategy.
  2. The truth is that the majority of people still do not understand crypto.
  3. When you think you are seeing a zone of support or resistance, it is the right time to start buying and selling, respectively.
  4. By actively trading your cryptocurrency, you risk losing your crypto to the market.
  5. Cryptocurrency exchanges that have high trading volumes attract more traders.

These financial derivatives allow a crypto trader to speculate on the price movements of a cryptocurrency without owning it. The best time to trade crypto can depend on individual trading strategies and market conditions. Generally, periods of high market activity, such as during overlapping trading hours of major financial markets, can offer increased opportunities. Apart from technical skills, a crypto trader must also have a strong psychological makeup. The ability to remain calm under pressure and maintain discipline, especially in volatile market conditions, is what separates seasoned traders from novices.

You’ll also learn what happens when you set up a stop trigger price. Traders can practice spot trading on OKX by going to the “Demo trading” page. Depending on the type of trader you want to be, you can look for investment strategies that fit your category of choice. For instance, passive strategies include buy-and-hold or dollar-cost averaging (DCA). Buy and hold simply means purchasing crypto and holding it over a certain period of time with the hope of selling it for a profit in the future. Conversely, DCA is a strategy where a trader regularly buys equal amounts of crypto, or for a fixed dollar sum, over a specific duration, regardless of the price.

On the other hand, if the price of a coin goes up without an apparent reason, it should be assigned to human psychology and anticipation that it will be successful. Support levels are broken many times, rock bottom is not anywhere near, and “buying on the dip” has produced even greater damages to the portfolio. The most important and difficult task is to pinpoint the peak of the bull market and/or the bottom of the bear market. Those powerful emotions, combined with a mixture of greed and fear of losing create psychological market cycles. Limit orders are new entries in an order book and therefore boost the liquidity of the exchange. An open order stays in the order book until it is canceled or someone accepts the bid or agrees to pay the asking price.

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